Håkan Nyström – Between Everything and Nothingness

We are pleased to present the solo exhibition

Håkan Nyström

City of the Mysteries
Between Everything and Nothingness

Opening Saturday 2 March 12 – 17 pm

Mystery is the heart of the soul
Visual artist Håkan Nyström uses art and the visual aspect to unravel the existential conditions of life and attempts to approach the greatest mysteries of our time through his own images. An interesting and complex task, which the artist has given himself.

Take the phenomenon of time. We can measure time, but how do we understand the eternal?
Is there a conscious or unconscious common denominator to our thinking? Is there a way through painting to point the way to an understanding of the human existence?
Quantum physics cannot measure time, nor explain events in the subatomic world, as it bears no resemblance to the world we understand. Perhaps a coincidence of human unconscious existence and quantum mechanics?
Art in its highest function has the ability to express something that cannot be explained or understood with words, and that is much bigger than man.

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We look forward to seeing you
Annegrethe Davis

Photo: Håkan Nyström, Metaphysical Signal, oil on canvas, 40×80 cm, 2023
Artist talk: 7 March 17 – 19
Last day: 6 April 2024

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