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The depreciation scheme for corporate art purchases was introduced in 2002. In 2023, the immediate depreciation is set at 32,000 per artwork ex. VAT. A distinction is made between artworks that are hung or displayed and artworks that are part of a building.

This means that companies can depreciate on:
– the cost of purchasing original works of art
– the cost of artistic decoration that is part of the building.
What are original works of art that can be depreciated?
– This refers to paintings, sculptures, graphics, photographic art, installation art and the like. In the case of graphic and photographic works, it is a separate requirement that they are numbered and signed by the artist and only produced in a limited edition. Reproductions are not covered by the rules.
– The artwork must be a first-time purchase and it can be purchased by a gallery that has the artwork on commission from the artist.
– The rules cannot be applied if the company purchases the artwork from an artist who is a relative or otherwise closely related to the owner of the company.
There is no upper limit
Expenses for the purchase of works of art that are hung or displayed on the company’s premises can be depreciated according to the so-called balance method by up to 25% per year, regardless of the amount. In other words, according to the same rules as inventory.

Artistic (mural) decoration that can be depreciated

For artistic decoration that is bricked, nailed or otherwise attached to or on a building or its immediate surroundings, companies’ expenses for the artistic decoration of the building can be depreciated by 4% annually.

It is irrelevant whether the artistic decoration is carried out in connection with the construction or remodelling of the property or at another time.

The rule does not apply to the decoration of detached and semi-detached houses.
In the case of a combined office/retail and residential property, depreciation only applies to the decoration of the office/retail part