Pop Up Portrait

A good portrait painting is a work where the artist has captured the person’s psychological quirks and characteristics, and it has to look like them. A portrait painting is constructed and put together with effects and effects that signal who the person is.

Today, portrait painting is alive and well, we have organized a pop up exhibition with contemporary artists, each with their own style, who have mastered the talent of capturing a person’s personality and communicating it.

And take a trip to Frederiksborg Castle National History Museum, which has an excellent collection and organizes special exhibitions with a focus on portrait paintings.

Almost everyone knows the portrait of Mona Lisa… The picture was painted in the 16th century by Leonardo da Vinci. The portrait shows a seated young woman in half figure, three-quarters turned towards the viewer. The background is a mountain landscape in which she has apparently, somewhat randomly, been placed. But the important thing is not whether the woman and the background fit together, but rather the insight it gives us modern-day people about existence and 16th century life. A tradition about a person who existed so many years ago.

Thus, a portrait can be a valuable testimony for posterity, and a legacy of a dear relative that is preserved with respect through generations. Come and see the possibilities so you can be inspired and have a portrait made.

We look forward to seeing you at the opening

Wednesday, June 26 from 16 – 19

Anne Koldsø, Carsten Krogstrup, Christina Mosegaard, Daniel Goldenberg and Ginny Page

The exhibition is open 4 days: June 26th 16-19 & June 27th – 29th 12-17

Come and be inspired

Annegrethe Davis

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