Traces – Group Exhibition

It’s going to be a party 🙂
welcome to the winter exhibition


Opening Saturday, November 25, 13 – 17 pm
Music by Scottmusic Duo (Johan Navne & Sten Chr. Hansen)
Group exhibition
with countless works in varying sizes

Anna Lindgren, Anne Koldsø, Annelise Kalbak, Annette Wier, Bent Hedeby,
Bente Olesen Nyström, Carsten Krogstrup, Christina Bardram, Christina Mosegaard, Daniel Goldenberg, Ginny Page, Hanne Nielsen Kjærsgaard, Hussein Tai, Håkan Nyström, Jesper Jokeren Dahl, Kat Whitehouse, Malte Fisker, Neel Jans, Susanne Aamund,
Søren Hagen og Thor Lindeneg
Some people remember my father Kurt Hansen, who was an art dealer in Bredgade for almost 25 years. It’s been a long time since he retired, but after that he started painting. He is dead now, but he left behind many works of art and a wealth of paints, brushes and canvases. These materials have been passed on to artists associated with Davis Gallery. It brought joy and enthusiasm. That is why we are now showing the exhibition Traces as a kind of legacy, as Kurt Hansen left some noticeable traces and influenced Danish art life for decades.

Annegrethe Davis

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Photo: Malte Fisker, “Kærlig hilsen til Kurt Hansen” acrylic on canvas, 40×30 cm

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