Rasmus Nielsen

Artist Statement – Rasmus Nielsen

Rasmus Nielsen (b. 1984) is a visual artist living in Copenhagen.

He debuted with his first solo exhibition in 2005, after having been apprenticed to the Iraqi/Danish multimedia artist Mahmoud Alibadi.

Rasmus Nielsen’s practice is based on a recently started intuitive working process where he experiments with emulating organic forms, repeated in different sizes and media such as textile, installation, painting and collage.

The result is a simple abstract idiom that is both tactile and sensual.

He has been part of the Danish/Greenlandic art project SIIKU (2017-2023), and has exhibited at Kunsthal Aarhus, SOPHIENHOLM, Augustenborg_Project and Thorvaldsens Museum.

Represented at Shoes or no shoes? Museum in Belgium, and member of UKK.



Rasmus Nielsen, Born 1984, Lyngby, Denmark

Apprentice with Mahmoud Alibadi 2003-2004

Co-founder of the art project SIIKU (2017-2023)

Member of UKK




2024 ANOMALI,  Kunsthal Vejle

2024 TID, Relæet, Copenhagen Light Festival

2023 Preview, Villa Kultur (1-dags udstilling)

2022 IMPRINT, Augustenborg_Project (m/ SIIKU)

2019 MELTAGE – The Act, Result and Amount, Gjethuset (m/ SIIKU)

2018: ANKOMST, Arttra Gallery (w/ SIIKU)

2017 Origin, Galleri Kbh Kunst

2007 Welcome to the real matrix, Cobra Rummet, Sophienholm



2021 I Sagens Natur, Davis Gallery (m/ SIIKU)

2021 X UNLIMITED, Til Vægs (w/ SIIKU)

2021 GRØNLAND – I KUNSTEN GENNEM 300 ÅR, Museet for Religiøs Kunst (m/ SIIKU)

2020-21 NYT LYS, Sophienholm  (m/ SIIKU)

2012 DiT Europa, Toftegårds plads, Valby kulturhus

2010 Hul i hækken, SAK

2006: A-Huset, A-Huset



2023 BØLGELAND, Copenhagen Light Festival / Nordatlantens Brygge (m/ SIIKU)

2022 OUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE, Folkemødet + Ungdommens Folkemøde (m/ SIIKU)

2021 AD CORONAM, Kulturnatten / Cisternerne (m/ SIIKU)

2020+2021: BLOOMING PHASE / TEMPUS FLORENS, Light art installation, Thorvaldsens Museum (m/ SIIKU)

2020 INITUS x SPECULUM, 1-dags installation, Kunsthal Aarhus (m/ SIIKU)

2019: OMNI CHRONOS, Leth & Gori Gallery / CAFx (m/ SIIKU)



2008 Childlabour (skulptur), Shoes or no shoes? Museum, Belgien



2021 X UNLIMITED, Til Vægs (m/ SIIKU)

2017 Relæet (m. bl.a. Nat Bloch Gregersen, Anna Walther, Anna Taina-Nielsen)



2024 Fagligt seminar om Kunstig Intelligens i kunsten, samtale med Jacob Remin, BKF Syd / Kunsthal Vejle

2023 Bølger & Bobler, Nordatlantens Brygge / Copenhagen Light Festival (m/ SIIKU)

2021 Free Lunch, Art Hub Copenhagen (m/ SIIKU)