Malte Fisker

Visual Artist

Artist Statement – Malte Fisker

With his works, Malte Fisker demonstrates a strong position as both a continuator and innovator of the concrete, non-figurative painting tradition. This is most strongly seen in the consistent attention to the sensual and formal qualities of painting that dominate the works in the exhibition. Fisker has mastered both the sensibility and the technique of evoking a sense of texture on the canvas that draws the eye into the color-saturated space of the paintings.

With references to mathematics, architecture and computer graphics, the works are built up of multi-colored coloristic compositions where one color dictates the next and so on.

The colors are intuitive, as opposed to the flat composition that stems from a more conceptual approach. The fields seem dictated by the square frame of the canvas but the diagonals create rhythm and movement in the images. Positive and negative shapes are applied with almost mathematical precision, a field that was first seen as a figure can suddenly take on the character of a ground. The bright, clear colors allow the images to breathe and contrast with the more solid dark shades.

Lines, stripes, triangles and complex grid systems characterize Fisker’s design language, rich in different combinations of geometric shapes. Geometry is a perfectionist ideal, but the delicate vibrating lines show the hand’s intimate work with the material, making them beautiful and down-to-earth. Fisker seeks the aesthetic in the colors with great emotional and intense results and the small openings created by the perception between hand and eye and the impact of light leave the final stage of creation to the encounter between viewer and work.

    1. Light is the most important part of my work
    2. My work is very much at the surface.
    3. My work is extraordinarily flat.
    4. There is no irony in my work whatsoever.
    5. Golden and Williamsburg makes my day.
    6. Colour is magic.
    7. In the process time is important.
    8. My work is silent and meditative.
    9. Geometry is the perfect skeleton for abstraction
    10. One work leads to the next and all are part of a larger understanding




2006-2013 The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

2005-2006 Københavns Kunstskole Solo Exhibitions:
2023 Ways to Conclusions, Galleri Aaaa Nordhavn with Hans Jørgen Hvid

Sequence, System and Memory, Vejle Kunsthal
Full Colour Brush Imprints, Den Blå Automat, Vejle Kunsthal Traces & Imprints, Birkerød Kunstforening with Marie Birkedal

2022 Empty Space – Full Space, Oticon

Zoom & Shadows, Richard Winthers Hus Bold, Skjold Contemporary
Black Brush Imprints, PCA, Digevej

2021 Sacred Lines, Grøndalslund Kirke

2020 Basic Perspective, Galleri Lars Borella Elementary Matters, Politikens Hus

2019 Pompeii, Udstillingsstedet, Sorø

Adoration of the Trinity, Dyssegårdskirken

Draw A Line Then Cross It, Kunstpakhuset, Ikast with Astrid Marie Christiansen

2018 Red Oxides, Kirsten Kjærs Museum Asian Paper Paintings, ArtFrame

2017 Opaque Paintings, Helleruplund Sognegård Ambiguous Abstraction, Udenrigsministeriet
The Journey of Line and Colour, Vandrehallen, Hillerød Bibliotek

2013 Cathedral, BKS Garage

2012 Narcissus, Gallery B15

2010 Tilt Mode, Hans Alf Gallery



2023 Variations in Surface Type, Anne Aarsland Gallery

2022 Vinterudstilling, Davis Gallery Gruppeudstilling, Anne Aarsland Gallery Statements, Mehrkunst, Germany

2021 Above & Below, Galleri Kunst86, Ryesgade 86

2020 In My Own Space, Bredgade Kunsthandel

2019 Gruppeudstilling, Mors Salonen

2018 Gruppeudstilling, Amager Salonen

2017 Konstruktioner, Kunstbygningen i Vrå Gruppeudstilling, Frederiksberg Salonen
2016 Contemporary Perception, Galleri Benoni Six Views, Kvadrat 16
Gruppeudstilling, Finansforbundet

2015 Picture Poking Pulling, Nordahl & Nissen Contemporary 0601-0603, Pop-Up udstilling, Grønttorvet

2014 Family Man, Odradek

2013 Afgang 2013, Kunsthal Charlottenborg 24 Spaces, Malmø Konsthall GoodBones, Københavns Rådhus

2012 Alt_Cph, Antechamber, The Factory of Art and Design

2011 Modus Operandi, Gallery Tom Christoffersen

Images of Man in the Context of the Painting Tradition, Rohde Contemporary All of a Sudden, Gallery Christoffer Egelund

2010 Triangle, Gallery Christoffer Egelund X-mas, Gallery Christoffer Egelund Christmas, Hans Alf Gallery
Gallery Juni, Kiel, Germany KUP, Hans Alf Gallery

2009 Forårsudstillingen, Kunsthal Charlottenborg

2007 Sommerudstillingen, Galleri Nakke Hage

Det er kunst, Galleri Nakke Hage

2006 Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning


Public Decorations:

2012 Wall Painting, Kunstnerkollegiet


2021 Maleren Helge Bechs mindelegat

2016 Arbejdslegat, Statens Kunstfond