Kat Whitehouse

Visual Artist

Artist Statement – Kat Whitehouse

I’m Katherine Whitehouse, born and raised in a small town in Jutland. I’m sure I’m an artist, but I didn’t find my artistic expression until I moved deep into the forests of Skåne in Sweden, and from here it’s been developing fast. Strangely enough, my artistic expression is far away from forests and nature. My motifs are often spectacular. I have an undisguised fascination with classic Hollywood glamor and high society lifestyles, which I use in my work in a disturbing double-exposure style that opens up the works to the viewer’s own perspective, creating an ambiguous expression that goes much deeper than the glossy facade.

For me, it is the emotions that are at the centre, rather than the intellectualized and stylistic. Especially the big emotions, such as passion, desperation and existential human paradoxes. The world hits us, and I am interested in finding an expression of this impact. Through nostalgia, I try to bring the passion and the big emotions and stories into the present. I am not afraid of the excitement.

I use the body as an expression, where light and darkness demonstrate the serious nature of the matter. At the same time, I try to create a soulfulness that brings the images to life. My goal is to create an atmosphere in the images that speaks for itself. It should be open for everyone to enter my pictures from wherever they come from. I preserve the imagination and let it have its own life on the canvas and in the viewer’s emotional, spiritual or intellectual reaction.

For some time I have been working with large drawings on cardboard paper using dry pastels and pencils. Recently, however, I have taken the plunge into painting and have started using oil paint. I’m still in a very exciting development and I have big ambitions for this.



2020 – Lindex, Hässleholm

2021 – Davis Gallery ”I sagens natur”

2022 – Davis Gallery ”Realistisk set”

2022 – Höörs konsthall ”Fatamorganamenneske”