June Jin

Artist Statement – June Jin

Danish – Korean Fine art painter June Jin 1977. Based in Copenhagen.

Artistically June Jin has traveled far and wide, before she found her métier as a painter. After her graduation from College of visual art & design in 2000, she has been around in decoration for museum exhibits, set decoration for TV, commercials and also assisted artists like Christian Lemmertz & Peter Land in their art-production. She became a full time artist in 2007. June Jin is an international artist, showing works at galleries Art Fairs & Museums.


Expression form

June Jin’s expression form is, oil on canvas, oil on Plexiglas & photography, she combines these materials as well. Her paintings are fusions between the old masters like Rembrandt van Rijn and modern design. The use of Plexiglas has become a trademark for June Jin, it is her way to update, the great old masters techniques to the modern world.


Art Projects

June Jin also creates art projects, with socially relevant subjects, performed as interactive events & street art.



June Jin’s paintings are inspired by & revolves around modern human beings, our struggles within, human beings who already have the entire world’s cultural history downloaded in their brains, while they chase around after own identities, ambitions, believes, innovative fixes like AI and new knowledge.

June Jin’s models are picked out during her field research. June Jin’s paintings are mostly depictions of authentic persons, once in a while she mixes real persons with made up ones. It all revolves around the growth theory of the Creative Class, in which the main ingredients are: Talent, Technology & Tolerance.





Årets kunsner, Spar Nord kunstforening, Aalborg

Juleudstillingen, Gallery Hjorth

Art Herning, Gallery Hjorth



Poträt NU!, Ljungbergmuseet (SE)

50/10 jubilæumsudstilling, Gallery Hjorth DK)

Summer show, Gallery Hjorth (DK)

Portræt nu!, Det Nationalhistoriske museum, Frederiksborg slot (DK)



Art Herning, Gallery Hjorth (DK)



North Kunstmesse, Gallery Hjorth (DK)

Portrætbestilling til den permanente samling, Horsens statsskole (DK)

Art Herning, Gallery Hjorth (DK)



“The creation”, group show, gallery Hjorth (DK)

North Kunstmesse, Gallery Hjorth (DK)

“…& deadly décor”, solo show, Gallery Hjorth (DK)

Art Herning, art fair, Gallery Hjorth (DK)

“Story telling”, group show, ROS Gallery (DK)



“Flowers”, group show, Gallery Hjorth (DK)

“Latiner Erotique”, group show, Galleri Lyrum (DK)

10th Anniversary Gala show, Warehouse9 (DK)

NORTH art fair, Gallery Hjorth (DK)

Gateau Marcel group show, Gallery Hjorth (DK)

Solo udstilling, Kulturhus Kappelborg, Galerie Contour (DK)

Rotterdam Contemporary, Gallery Hjorth (NL)

Art Herning, art fair, Gallery Hjorth (DK)



Last chance, December 3 – 23, 2016, Gallery Hjorth (DK)

“…& dust”, Solo show, Ros Gallery (DK)

InKAS art Biennial, November 1 – 8, Seoul (KR)

Art Copenhagen, Ros Gallery (DK)

“Human Nature”, group show, Ros Gallery (DK)

NORTH art fair, Aalborg (DK)

Design space, Milan, Area 35 Contemporary (IT)

“Spring” group show, Gallery Hjorth (DK)

Art Herning, art fair, Gallery Hjorth (DK)



Christmas group show, Ros Gallery (DK)

“Årgang 2015”, group show, Gallery Hjorth (DK)

Reminice, Seoul (KR)

Design space, Milan (IT)

J.C. Jacobsen’s Portrait award, Ljungberg Museet (S)

Art Copenhagen, SISO Project, 2015 (DK/KR)

Art Copenhagen, Ros Gallery (DK)

J.C. Jacobsen’s Portrait award, Museum of National History (DK)



Christmas group show, Ros Gallery (DK)

Urban Queeriosity, Galleri Oxholm (DK)

Space in & Space out, Group show (KR)

Art Copenhagen, Ros Gallery (DK)

“Nordic Masculinity comes in many forms”, Solo show, Ros Gallery (DK)



Christmas group show, Ros Gallery (DK)

Christmas group show, Gallery Hjorth (DK)

Art Copenhagen, Galerie Contour (DK)

Portrait now!, Museum of National History (DK)

“Brand religion & Google buddhism”, Solo show, Area35 art gallery (IT)


Easter, Solo show, Galerie Contour (DK)

BarHvaViHar, Group show, Warehose9 (DK)



Transgender Day of Remembrance (DK)

Roskilde Festival, entrance 10 – Zonic Zone (DK)

In love w humanity, Charlottenborg, curated by Jacob Holdt & Metta Kim Carter (DK)

Solo show, Custom Art Gallery (DK)

Group show, Galerie Contour (DK)



Group show, Custom art Gallery (DK)

투섬플레이스CGV대학로점 2011 Adoptee Art & Film Festival (KR)

Solo show, Copenhagen Night of Culture 2011, Faculty of Theology/ University of Copenhagen (DK)


Group Show, Æglageret, Holbæk Art Association (DK)



Decoration, room 16, at Tisvildeleje Strandhotel. (DK)



Fra Nykøbing til New York t/r, Soloudstilling, Kulturfabrikken Nykøbing Falster. (DK)



Vandtårnet, Nykøbing Falster Festuge (DK)

Group mural, Kulturmajeriet/ Storstrøms Amts (DK)

Studenterhuset Nykøbing F. (DK)



Mural, Svømmecenter Falster (DK)

Group show, Kulturfabrikken Nykøbing F. (DK)