Jesper Jokeren Dahl

Multi-faceted Artist

Artist Statement – Jesper Jokeren Dahl

Under the name Jokeren and in Den Gale Pose, Jesper has been a leading figure in Danish rap since the mid-1990s. Since his solo debut “Alpha Han” in 2003, his lyrics have been a regular part of the curriculum in primary and secondary schools. He has written 3 books and has been an actor, spoken word poet and TV Host.

He started his professional career at the age of 19 in 1992 as a gangster rap producer in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York for the biggest names of the time, such as Easy E, Ice Cube, Rakim (Eric B & Rakim) and many more.

Since 2012, he has increasingly dedicated himself to the visual side of art, and today he is as much a painter as he is a rapper.



Jesper Dahl * 1973 København
Bor og arbejder i Vejby Strand og København Autodikakt, har malet siden 2012


Udvalgte udstillinger:

2024: “Spor”. Davis Gallery, København. DK
2023: “Rymdblomman Kulturfestial”. Vagnhall 16, Helsingborg, SE
2023: “Vinterudstilling”, gruppeudstilling på Davis Galley, København, DK
2022 “Skøra”, gruppe udstilling på Færøernes National Galleri i Torshavn, FO
2022 “I sagens natur”, gruppeudstilling på Davis Gallery, København DK
2021 “Last man standing” Jokeren Vs. Hornsleth, Strayfield Gallery, Hellerup, DK
2019  Dansk Arkitektur Center, København,DK
2017  Arbejdernes Landsbanks Kunstforening, København, DK
2015 Galleri Grisk, Århus